Digital Documents and Copy Services All in One Place

If you’re looking for a printing and photocopying shop in Tooele County, go to Digidocs in Grantsville, Utah. Our shop provides a convenient place for all your digital documents and copy needs.


Digidocs Professional Scanning Services
We offer a variety of scanning solutions for just about anything you need to digitize. Once digitized, you can choose a storage device from CD/DVD to mobile hard drives.

Scan sizes are from 1/2 x 1/2 inches to 3 feet wide. We can digitize any of the following:

  • Any NON-Copyright Material
  • Journals
  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Negatives
  • Personal Documents
  • Photos (Loose or Bound)
  • Scrapbook Pages
  • Slides
  • Yearbooks

We can also crop, rotate, and color adjust your documents. Get in touch with us for a free estimate on your scanning project.


Graphic Design Services
Digidocs is partnered with graphic designers that have years of experience. You can achieve the design you envisioned for a successful project with our help.

Our expertise and creativity ensure that your message is delivered. We also offer a free consultation on your project. We can provide graphic design services for your:

  • Ads
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Booklets
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Business Forms (Including Carbonless Copy Paper)
  • Certificates
  • Envelopes
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Labels
  • Letterheads
  • Logos
  • Manuals
  • Promotional Items (Pens, Mugs, Water Bottles, etc.)
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Signs
  • Stationaries
  • Vinyl Window Graphics and Stickers

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list, please reach out to us and ask. You can also get a free estimate on your design project.


Faxing Made Simple
Our service is quick and easy for both incoming or outgoing fax. We guarantee that your documents are received. At $0.75 per page, our telecopying service rates are competitively priced in the area.

If you are telefaxing documents to us, please provide a cover sheet with your name and phone number. You can fax us at this number: (435) 249-0546.

If for any reason your fax wasn't received bring your confirmation and documents back to us. We will do it for free!

Faxing is still the preferred method for most medical, legal and court documents. Faxing is quick and convenient.


Copy and Duplication Services
With our wide range of in-store paper stocks, we can provide full-color or standard black and white copies. We are sure to have the material you want within your budget. We can also photocopy on paper stock that you provide.

In addition to photocopying, we can provide business cards, business forms, banners, promotional items, and much more.

Printing on Customer Paper:

  • 8.5 x 11 - Black and White - $0.10 each side
  • 8.5 x 11 - Color - $.50 each side

Print Sizes from wallet size up to 3 foot wide on your choice of paper stocks. We also sell single sheets, reams, and cases. We keep the following paper in stock:

  • 20 lb. Regular Paper
  • 24 lb. Astrobrights
  • 28 lb. Color Copy Text
  • 80 lb. Cardstock

Standard (20lb) Paper – Black and White

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 0.10
2S8.5 X11$ 0.20
1S8.5 X14$ 0.30
2S8.5 X14$ 0.60
1S11 X 17$ 0.50
2S11 X 17$ 1.00

Standard (20lb) Paper – Color

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 0.50
2S8.5 X11$ 1.00
1S8.5 X14$ 0.60
2S8.5 X14$ 1.20
1S11 X 17$ 1.00
2S11 X 17$ 2.00

Color Text– Black and White

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 0.15
2S8.5 X11$ 0.30
1S11 X 17$ 0.50
2S11 X 17$ 1.00
1S12 X 18$ 1.20
2S12 X 18$ 2.40

Color Text – Color

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 0.60
2S8.5 X11$ 1.20
1S11 X 17$ 1.20
2S11 X 17$ 2.40
1S12 X 18$ 1.40
2S12 X 18$ 2.80

Premium Paper – Black and White

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 0.50
2S8.5 X11$ 1.00

Premium Paper – Color

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 1.00
2S8.5 X11$ 1.75

Cover Cardstock – Black and White

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 0.40
2S8.5 X11$ 0.80
1S11 X 17$ 0.60
2S11 X 17$ 1.20
1S12 X 18$ 1.00
2S12 X 18$ 2.00

Cover Cardstock – Color

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 0.70
2S8.5 X11$ 1.40
1S11 X 17$ 1.00
2S11 X 17$ 2.00
1S12 X 18$ 1.40
2S12 X 18$ 2.80

Premium Cardstock – Black and White

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 0.75
2S8.5 X11$ 1.50

Premium Cardstock – Color

No. of SidesSizePrice
1S8.5 X11$ 1.00
2S8.5 X11$ 2.00

Our print and copy services will always produce quality results. If you don't see what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us and ask!



One-Stop Shipping Center
Digidocs is the only FedEx Authorized ShipCenter location in Tooele County. Drop off your pre-paid packages or have us package and prepare the shipment for you.

We accept both pre-paid and/or pre-labeled US Postal Service (USPS) packages as well.

  • Tape, packing materials and boxes are available in mutilple sizes.
  • Envelopes are available for purchase in standard #10 letter, 6x9, 9x12 and 12x15 both flat clasp envelopes and bubble lined envelopes.
  • Stamps are available as individual stamps, a book of stamps (20ea) or a roll of stamps $100.00 at Post Office Rates.

Daily Pickup M-F

FedEx Express: 3:00 PM
FedEx Ground: 2:00 PM


Finishing and Bindery Services
Give your project the right finishing touch! With our finishing and bindery services, your documents can stand out in a crowd of competing messages. Most of our services are done on-site. Digidocs does partner with other small companies to provide your project with all the finishing touches. We offer the following finishes to your job:

  • Book Binding (Coil, Comb, Saddle Stitch, etc.)
  • Folding
  • Hole Punch
  • Lamination (3 mil up to 27 inches and 5 mil, up to 12 x 18 inches)
  • Mounting (Form Core, Corex)
  • Trimming

Whether your project begins with us or you just need that final touch on your own creation, we can provide you with the perfect finish. Get in touch with us to find out more about our finishing services.


We offer on-site notary services for $5.00 per person. Just bring your valid ID (Driver’s License or Passport) and personally sign in front of the notary. Notary Services are available Monday-Friday in our office during normal business hours. If you can’t come during this time or the signee is immobile just call and make arrangement to have the Notary come to your site. A small travel fee will be assessed.